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  • London networking event - Urbano networking breakfast with CEBR

    Thursday Jun 4th 2015

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  • London networking event - networking evening at Eight Members Club, Bank

    Wednesday Jan 21st 2015

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  • London networking event - strategic networking masterclass with Mark Herring

    Wednesday Jan 21st 2015

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  • London networking event - networking evening at Aveqia

    Wednesday Oct 22nd 2014

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    Wednesday Jul 30th 2014

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About Savvy HR Limited

Savvy HR Limited is a niche consultancy that can help safeguard organisations from the type of employee activities that can damage both business reputation and profit
margins. We can do this by using our qualifications and experience to assist

  • Employment law implementation
  • HR policy reviews
  • Sickness absence management and fitness to work issues
  • Identifying and managing emerging HR and associated legal risks
  • Employee risk management audits (coming soon).

These audits will help employers identify, assess, reduce and manage the potential employment risks that come with every employee (and third party temps and contractors) from their recruitment to the end of the working relationship.

We are very different from other HR consultancies for the following reasons:

Legally qualified. Unlike the majority of consultants operating in HR and related fields, Helen is is a qualified lawyer (non-practising barrister). She also has a Master's Degree in employment law.    

Risk specialist. Few HR practitioners have hands-on experience in risk management. Helen has over eight years work experience in occupational health and safety; a  discipline based on risk management principles. 

Unique skills set. Employee risk management encompasses the three related                  areas of employment law, human resources and risk management. Helen is experienced and qualified to postgraduate level in all three disciplines. This can save employers money as they do not need to recruit different specialists. It also provides consistency and continuity.        

Dual approach. Due to Helen's portfolio career, she can combine the analytical skills of a lawyer with the softer "people" skills traditionally associated with HR practitioners. This provides clients with a far more rounded approach.            

Commercially focused. Having worked outside HR and possessing over tens years' experience of advising small and medium sized businesses, Helen is able to give advice that is both commercially viable and realistic to implement.