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  • London networking event - Urbano Build networking breakfast with Ed Green

    Thursday Sep 25th 2014

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  • London networking event - networking Lunch at Army & Navy Club

    Wednesday Sep 3rd 2014

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  • London networking event - networking lunch at The Well

    Wednesday Jul 30th 2014

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  • London networking event - networking evening at the Whitechapel Gallery

    Wednesday Jul 16th 2014

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  • London networking event - Urbano networking evening event at Bloomsbury House

    Wednesday Jun 11th 2014

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About Detox Wisdom LTD

Our Clients Earn More And Work Less!

Are you looking to beat a major competitor? Grow faster? Provide for your family and retire comfortably? Diversify? Sell out and move on? Improve on last year's results?

Whatever you want to achieve our personal commitment matches yours.  We invest our personal time and professional experience to explore ambitions and objectives as well as focusing on the business needs. 

We are not a company with a one-size fits all approach to your business. We are Adam and Philippa. We don't give you a checklist of recommendations and leave you to get on with it. We instead build supportive long-term relationships in which we help you to make the business deliver against your objectives, ambitions and needs.

And it works.  We have an established track record of clients who have successfully and progressively re-aligned and adapted their businesses to be more profitable, with less work.

If you want to be like our clients earning more and working less, then please continue to read how we help or alternatively give us a call and have a confidential chat.

The Detox Wisdom Approach

Every business has hidden toxins - whether it's operational, strategic, long term or everyday inefficencies that hold it back, or even growing so fast you can't keep up.  Our unique and stratightfoward Detox Assessment quickly highlights those critical areeas as the starting point for our transformational journey.

Immediate Impact
Our straightforward Detox Assessment quickly identifies critical areas impacting you and your business.

People make the business work for you.  We know from experience that finding out what’s stopping you growing, what you want to achieve in the future, or is simply adding to your frustrations, is a factor to identifying the business toxins. That’s why we meet with you up-front as part of the Detox Assessment.

It’s also important that we talk about the business openly, and with a full knowledge of your expectations, wishes, and dreams.

Based on that solid foundation, we can then discuss and agree practical solutions, assuring the right levels of support to resolve your immediate problems and move towards your desired results.

Into The Future

Eliminating today's toxins is just the start of our journey.  Through our long-term relationship we continue to help you to drive your business forward successfully into the future.

Lasting Success

Your involvement and learning throughout the Detox process gives you a legacy of deep insight into your business, and the wisdom to maintain peak performance and focus.

We have joined Urbano Network to get involved, contribute to its success and to build some great relationships.  We would be delighted to hear from you all so that we can discover more about you and you about us.  Thanks for taking the time to read our profile.

Adam and Philippa

Our only vested interest is in our client's success:

"We finished our first year with you helping us to achieve the best results in more than five years and our focus in our 2nd year is already bringing in the right results." Martin, MD, Engineering.

"We now have a happy, successful and profitable company. We are motivated and less involved in the day to day minutiae, how brilliant is that? I am doing more and more of what I want, and am able to leave the teams to deliver the results." David, MD, IT Services.

"I have always wanted us to be the best and who would have thought we could have achieved it within 18 months of setting the goal to be number one in our market. In a tough environment our competitors are losing market share and we are excelling!" Mike, CEO, Media.