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Happiness Architecture Beauty (Hab)

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    Thursday Oct 3rd 2013

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About Happiness Architecture Beauty (Hab)

Designer and TV presenter Kevin McCloud is looking to raise £1.5m from the public to help design and build 1,000 eco-friendly, ‘self-build’ homes a year until 2018 that his company Happiness Architecture Beauty (Hab) hopes will be the antidote to "bland homogeneous" suburbia.

Hab is using crowdfunding and the website CrowdCube to fund the project and has asked Urbano to help find potential investors for this new model of property design, funding and development for the UK.

With nearly 50% already raised, the ambitious target is to achieve the £1M mark by August 24th. For more details about Hab and this exciting proposition – and how to invest - please read on.

HAB is offering for sale 20% of the business for £1.5m (or 13.33% at the minimum level of £1m) and looking for a minimum investment from each investor of £100.  In return for that funding, which will be used to invest in growth and gear up to take advantage of the huge opportunities offered by the rapidly-growing market for custom build, HAB will  issue a dividend of no less than 5% to each investor from the end of 2016 and provide a ready market for HAB shares by the end of 2018.

All investors will receive a discount on the purchase of a Hab home up to the value of their initial investment to a maximum of 5% of the purchase price. This extends to immediate family (parents, siblings, children and grandchildren), but does not apply to Haboakus projects or those undertaken by non-qualifying joint ventures. All investors will be invited to exclusive events with Kevin McCloud and the Hab team and will receive priority notice of future schemes and plot releases.

All investors above £25,000 will receive voting shares and will be invited to a select annual review event with Kevin McCloud and the Hab team.

For more details about Hab, click here: Hab

For more information about investment, please email Simon McWhirter of Hab (email Simon: or visit Hab’s Crowd Cube page: Hab Crowd Cube Page

This offer from HAB is in no way connected to or endorsed by either Channel 4 or Boundless, the producers of the programme, “Grand Designs” and neither Channel 4 or Boundless is  investing in the HAB project or are in anyway associated with the HAB project.  HAB is a personal business founded by Kevin McCloud separately to his television career.