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Mike Roberts

Managing Director

Happiness Architecture Beauty (Hab)

Mike Roberts

Events attended

  • London networking event - Urbano Build breakfast with Kevin McCloud

    Thursday Oct 3rd 2013

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About Mike

Having held senior positions in major firms of chartered surveyors, Mike formed Vertigo Sustainable Development Consultants in 2007. 

He is now Managing Director for Hab Housing, the residential development company established by Kevin McCloud to deliver beautifully designed, sustainable places where communities can flourish. He also has an interest in a company with an advanced thermal technology for application in the energy from waste arena.

Mike is a representative of Happiness Architecture Beauty (Hab):

Happiness Architecture Beauty (Hab)
Happiness Architecture Beauty (Hab)

Kevin McCloud's company Hab Housing is hoping to raise £1.5m from the public to build 5,000 eco-friendly, ‘self-build’ homes.