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  • London networking event - Urbano People networking breakfast with Ann Pickering

    Thursday Apr 3rd 2014

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  • London networking event - Urbano People networking breakfast event with Daniel Barnett

    Thursday Feb 27th 2014

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About Create Expectations Ltd

Everyone can improve their writing skills. Whether you are negotiating, selling, managing, teaching or advising, you will use written communication on a daily basis. Writing is intrinsic to how well we perform in our professional lives. Create Expectations believes that how and what we write are key to productivity, credibility and success in the workplace. We specialise in teaching individuals to write in a clear and succinct way, whilst also reflecting your organisation’s brand, tone and objectives.

This involves not just improving your use of grammar and punctuation. We will also help you develop a greater appreciation of your audience, a better understanding of the tone of your communication, an awareness of the risks inherent in sending information by email and, quite simply, how to use the right words in the right way.

Using material that is relevant to your organisation, our courses can help people at all levels to improve their written communication in an informative and inspiring environment.

Our courses can be tailor-made to fit the needs of your company. We can offer a series of one-day workshops, or bite-size courses (three hours’ duration) which fit around the working day. We also offer an individual feedback service, either by phone or email, as a follow-up to a course.  

Workshops include: Business Writing, Report Writing and Effective Email Writing.