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  • Networking speaker breakfast in London - The Changing Workplace – Design & Function

    Thursday May 26th 2022

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  • Dare we talk menopause at work

    Friday Apr 29th 2022

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  • Urbano Networking Lunch celebrating IWD2022

    Wednesday Mar 9th 2022

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  • Urbano business networking breakfast in Kings Cross London

    Wednesday Jan 26th 2022

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  • Urbano Network Members Networking Evening

    Tuesday Sep 21st 2021

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  • Urbano Work + Workplace Networking Round Table This Wednesday

    Wednesday Mar 17th 2021

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    Connecting those in the world of work - from leadership, HR and workplace design to culture, equality, diversity, inclusivity, & wellbeing.

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About Culture Consultancy

Culture Consultancy helps companies change their culture with a dual-lens of human and business focus:

Human-To improve the work-life and employee experience of the individual
Business-  To improve productivity, engagement, employee value proposition and financial results for the company

For example, we work with manufacturers to facilitate digital transformation and adopt cultures, skills and ways of thinking for digital. We work with 'scale-ups' to help them evolve their culture to scale- to think and act like grown-up firms (without losing the magic), we work with corporates to help them be more innovative. Generally, we enhance people dynamics in the workplace through leadership development, management training, shifting mindset, changing behaviour and making new cultures 'stick' ( that also involves policy, process and system change). 

We're interested in Organisational Culture, Cultural Change, Leadership Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Innovation Culture, Customer Experience, Employee Experience, Physical Workspace, Employee Wellbeing, Assessing Culture, Measuring Culture, Employee Engagement Technology.

There are a few things that make us different from other culture change agencies:

1) We understand humans and business: We know what it takes to create and grow successful, innovative businesses, improve productivity, enhance your employee value proposition but we also care about the individual and their employee experience- employee wellbeing, diversity and inclusion. 

2) We're very comfortable with complexity: Much of our work centres around complex business or people dynamics; mergers and acquisitions, IPOs, multi-site teams, remote working teams, leadership changes and other inflexion points. A brand agency will not be able to cope with this!

3) We have a multi-discipline team: Our people have diverse backgrounds- HR Directors, Customer Experience Directors, Creatives, Psychologists, Anthropologists, Technologists- we do innovative solutions as a way of life. 

4) We measure culture, change culture, align cultures, evolve culture but we also teach you how to do it for yourself- we want you to learn how to keep evolving. 

5) We have tried and tested methodologies and technologies that we use but every client project is different- we consider our clients to be partners and work alongside you to get the results you need.

6) We understand that culture is the small stuff too- We can help with 2 members of your top team not getting along as well as we can do a cultural assessment for 15k employees.

Contact us for a friendly chat on how we can help you 0208 088 2228 and also at