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Jeff Gosling

VP Global Sales and Marketing

LDM Global

Jeff Gosling

Events attended

  • London networking event - networking evening at Fifty9

    Wednesday Aug 19th 2015

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  • London networking event - networking evening at Four To Eight

    Wednesday Apr 22nd 2015

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  • London networking event - networking evening at Eight Members Club, Bank

    Wednesday Jan 21st 2015

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  • London networking event - networking evening at Furniture Makers Hall, London

    Wednesday Nov 12th 2014

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  • London networking event - Urbano networking evening at The Alchemist

    Wednesday Sep 17th 2014

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About Jeff

My legal sector clients gain a competitive advantage via increased efficiency and tactical advantages on cases. I am able to help them determine the appropriate expertise and technology on a SaaS basis, across a firm or on an individual matter/investigation. I’ve had the pleasure of helping and building relationships with legal sector clients (or building and coaching teams to do the same) for over 20 years.

My primary network is in the legal sector; in-house legal, those at law firms or people who can help them solve a problem or gain an advantage. This includes some fantastic referral partnerships and valued friendships. I have a very diverse and active network; enabling me to add significant value quickly.

My network of professionals is openly referred to each other for mutual benefit. If you’re a busy professional looking to improve things for you or your firm and your world involves anything related to litigation or regulatory issues then my network will invariably be useful to you. Likewise, please feel free to reach out if you help people in the same arena.

Thanks for your interest and have a great day.

Personal Interests

I enjoy family days out/travel, playing and watching football (QPR season ticket holder) and music.

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LDM Global specialises in e-Disclosure; deploying technology to increase efficiency, reduce cost and help lawyers clients to win more cases.