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Michael Basi

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Michael Basi

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    Wednesday Nov 5th 2014

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About Michael

Against the backdrop of a financial practice set up by his father, Ady, four years earlier, Michael began his own exposure to business aged 18 in 1998 when he established Quadrant Force Technologies, a firm designing and installing innovative hybrid turbo systems for "Super 1600 series" amateur race vehicles, whilst studying for his degree in Software and Engineering. Recognised expertise drove rapid expansion for the company, which Michael sold in 2002 in an employee buy-out, shortly before his graduation.

Michael then began his own journey in financial services, joining the subsidiary of Ford Motor Company, FCE Bank plc, as a Junior Analyst and then quickly advancing to Assistant Projects Manager for Securitisation in Europe in 2004 followed by appointment as overall European Securitisation Projects Manager in 2005.

Michael delivered asset inflows of GBP 3.2 billion for the company, via the securitisation of vehicle purchase and lease contracts utilising global finance centres and special purpose vehicles.

Prompted by changes in the securitisation market driven by the recent recession, Michael seized the opportunity to translate the principles of large-scale business to the smaller end of the market, setting up Basi & Basi Financial Planning Ltd. A wealth management practice employing rigorous quantative rules-based processes, Michael achieved impressive average annual revenue growth of 41%. In 2011, Basi & Basi Financial Planning Ltd took over the existing family business, IFA Stop Limited, and then continued to model this success on other practices to drive further growth.

Michael remains Managing Director and in 2014, formed the overarching Rigel Capital Partners Limited, bringing together a number of different businesses together which his business partners to maximise opportunity and success.

Michael lives with his wife Anna in Essex.

Personal Interests

A strong believer in the ethic of "working to live, rather than living to work" Michael has always held his voluntary educational work in the community in the highest regard and as a priority in his life. Having achieved a measure of the business success and targets he aimed for, he now devotes at least a day per week to such activity.

He loves physical activities and is a keen walker, particularly in the beautiful parts of England and Wales we are blessed to have nearby - along with the fine local ales to be enjoyed in the classic pubs to be found as treasures on such walks!

In addition, he and his wife are great fans of certain forms of Modern Art, classical music and fine wine (on a most amateur basis!)

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