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Rosemary Mashford

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Rosemary Mashford

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    Wednesday Sep 28th 2011

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About Rosemary

Few other aspects of business governance have been more affected by legislative change and regulation in recent years. That is why we set up our human resources advisory unit, which we hope complements our accountancy advice.

Our advice will help you to attract talent, select and recruit lawfully, such as defining and advertising posts, taking up references and carrying out and recording required immigration checks. Once the employment relationship has begun we can provide clear processes for induction and monitoring progress in the early days of the appointment.

Employment documentation is fundamental to the lawful employment of staff. If the worst happens and an employee sets out a claim against you, your records could be the difference between win or lose. We can provide a full range of documents that are tailored to capture and record information appropriate to your organisational needs and culture.

In addition to the contract of employment which covers all legal aspects, we can supply associated employment policies. Polices will be tailored specifically to the business to form the culture, provide a guide to some of the more technically complicated areas of employment rights and highlight the responsibilities of the employer and employee in certain circumstances.

To obtain optimum productivity for the business and job satisfaction for the individual and to maintain consistent and equal treatment, it is essential that performance is managed effectively. We provide a performance management system that is tailored to the organisational culture and management objectives.
Good employee relations are critical to the smooth running of organisations. We provide advice on how to communicate organisational strategies with staff. We can help with the communication of sensitive issues such as restructuring / redundancies and any other initiatives which will impose change upon people.

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