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Patric Grundy


Patric Grundy

About Patric

I am here to help UK Plc flourish through finance. If you have a capital project that is commercially viable I should be able to help you. Tenacious & hard work, in harmony with accounting background & good underwriters leads me to help in the majority of instances.

I am fortunate in working for a couple of great companies, Barclays & Syscap.

One thing is certain and that is change. We have to ensure what ever we do we need to be aware to the opportunities that exist and use all of our skills to help deliver them.

I fund all types of plant & machinery as well as complex ERP & CRM solutions as well as simple IT, vehicles and working capital funding. As long as a project makes commercial sense I will invariably be able to establish an underwriter to provide the funding.

During my time at Syscap I have helped dramatically expand the portfolio of asset types and facilities that we offer. I have funded a wind tunnel for an F1 team, funded parts for aircrafts, major IT infrastructure and asset buy back for NHS Hospital, Complex and investment roll outs lasting in excess of 18 months for specific projects, major CNC & tooling projects for manufacturing clients, and asset refinancing as well as offshore funding.

Looking forward to expanding my involvement with the Law Society & the ICAEW for its members following our endorsements.

At Barclays I funded their second ever phoenix funding for Noon Products after its factory in Southall was burnt down. I provided a Chattel Mortgage on an existing vehicle fleet to help provide fresh working capital as a company recovered from a period of losses to help fund its growth when it had started to perform.

Personal Interests

Occasional Golfer, Qualified FA Football Coach. I run an under 13 Football Club, Trustee of local charity. Former Chelsea Season Ticket Holder now too busy but regular visitor and children indoctrinated.

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