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Events attended

  • London Networking Event - Urbano Build & UWACTE networking event

    Wednesday Jul 1st 2020

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  • London Networking Event - Build & UWACTE Networking Breakfast June 2020

    Wednesday Jun 10th 2020

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  • London networking event - Routes to re-opening your office workspace

    Sunday May 31st 2020

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  • London networking event - Urbano Build & UWACTE networking breakfast on Zero Carbon in Construction

    Wednesday May 20th 2020

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  • Urbano Zero Carbon in Construction speaker breakfast - April 2020

    Thursday Apr 23rd 2020

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Urbano Communities

  • UrbanoBuild

    Networking community for those in architecture, construction, design, engineering, property, proptech, etc

  • UrbanoFinance

    Business, corporate and personal finance - connecting those who seek it to investors and advisors

  • UrbanoTech

    For those who work across the tech sectors, from digital and apps to hardware and software solutions

  • UrbanoCreate

    A networking community for those in branding, marketing, communications, digital, TV, film, and related media and creative sectors.

  • UrbanoUWACTE

    Urbano Women in Architecture, Construction, Technology, Engineering & STEM

  • UrbanoZeroCarbon

    Zero Carbon in Construction Events Programme & Community

About RIFT R&D Tax Credits

RIFT R&D Tax Credits helps entrepreneurs that have the creativity, vision and know-how to produce the ideas and products that keep Britain great.

British businesses are among the strongest ground-breakers and problem solvers there are, which is why the UK is ranked second in the world for innovation. Part of our role is to get the message out that there is a huge amount of support from the government to help if you know where to look. In fact one of the most powerful funding mechanisms takes the form of R&D tax relief. Tax relief and tax credits may not be glamorous but they can be the difference between getting an idea up and running or staying stuck firmly on the start line.  

View Case Studies & Industries

SME Research & Development Tax Relief

If you're looking into making a Research and Development Tax Relief claim, then size definitely matters. While any size of business can benefit from the scheme, the terms on offer for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are even better than for the large company tax relief scheme. The first step to seeing if you're eligible for the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise version of R&D Tax Relief is to make sure you meet the relevant definition of SME. Click here for details

Large Company  R&D Tax Relief

Even if your business doesn't fit HMRC's definition of "small" or "medium-sized" there's still a lot of Research and Development Tax Relief on offer. The long and short of it is that if you've got an annual turnover of more than €100 million or a balance sheet of over €86 million then you need to look into either the R&D Large Company Scheme or REDEC for your R&D support. Click here for details

RIFT Partnership with BUILD UK

The UK government's got big plans for the construction industry over the next several years. To make the most of the upcoming changes, RIFT is teaming up with Build UK, the construction industry organisation. Build UK represents many of the biggest players in UK construction, along with 40 trade associations totalling over 11,500 specialist contractors. By working with them, we're putting RIFT's unique understanding of HMRC and industry legislation to the best possible use. RIFT has always forged strong, supportive ties with UK construction. Partnering with Build UK means we can reach further and higher than ever before. Click here for more details