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  • London Networking Event - People Networking Lunch in Farringdon

    Wednesday Oct 11th 2017

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  • London networking event - Urbano August networking evening in Mayfair in London

    Wednesday Aug 16th 2017

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  • London Networking Event - Finance Networking Lunch in The City

    Wednesday Aug 2nd 2017

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Lunch in Farringdon

    Wednesday Feb 15th 2017

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  • London networking event - Christmas Networking Lunch at St. Bart's Brewery

    Wednesday Dec 21st 2016

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    Networking and events for those in HR, employment, recruitment, training, leadership, health, wellbeing & the workplace.

About AnExaminedLife Ltd

We are committed to helping you realise your full potential through Integrated Development Coaching methodology.  Underpinning this methodology are the Models of Mindfulness Meditation for building higher levels of Self Awareness and accelerating Personal Development as well as Emotional Intelligence for underpinning Resilience in life and work.

What we do:-

Executive Coaching – Working one to one, we teach you to access the wisdom of your body, how to use Mindfulness Meditation as a tool for insight, intuition and personal branding.

Coaching Circles – I am trained to facilitate Leaders Teaching Leaders and enabling them to become coaches themselves.  This is highly cost effective because multiple individuals are coached at the same time over a period of time, with some of the same outcomes as the more expensive individual coaching.  Facilitated by myself, the principles of Action Learning are used, allowing senior leadership functionally or cross functionally to define business challenges, share dilemmas, capture knowledge and collaborate with other stakeholders.  This underpins teamwork, defines good/best practice benchmarking and accelerates personal development.

Action Learning –  This methodology has the potential to quickly build team resilience and to extend the benefits derived from the leadership or management development programs.  How does it do this? Individuals commit to taking Action and are held accountable by their peers; but they also have the support of the group which acts as an expert knowledge bank.  The levels of learning within the groups are enhanced by the level of expert competences available.  This can accelerate and sustain business outcomes and longer term organisational and business performance.  There is also time built in for reflection, where insights are gained and leveraged.

Talent Management – We use Developmental Coaching methodology and the Enneagram to establish individual profiles. From these assessments, the necessary fit for development and teams may be established.

Performance & Stress Management – This Developmental technology is like a CT scan for the things that happen inside of you such as your emotions, attitudes, thoughts, feelings and intentions. We are able to look at the conditions operating in your life, giving rise to your performance at work and your ability to manage the stressors in your life.

The models and assessment tools used in Integral Coaching enables us to take a highly detailed look at your inner world. From this, we are able to create a cross-sectional image of the conditions operating in your life, allowing for detailed evaluation and ultimately a diagnosis of the challenges brought by you. We then create practices for self-observation, emotional nourishment exercises tailored to your needs, and a whole raft of competence building tools to support your performance and manage your stress.

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