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    Wednesday May 17th 2017

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    Tuesday Apr 4th 2017

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    Wednesday Mar 22nd 2017

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    Thursday Feb 9th 2017

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About Green Facilities Management Ltd

Green Facilities Management Ltd. is an ISO9001 and ISO14001 commercial cleaning company that offers regular and periodic contract cleaning services to Offices, Retail Stores, Pubs & Clubs, Gyms & Health Clubs, Hotels and other commercial venues within all industry sectors located across the London, Greater London and home counties.

Our management team has over 20 years of combined experience and during that time we have built a solid reputation for providing superior cleaning services to a wide range of corporate clients. Quality control is the most important part of how we maintain our unsurpassable standards of service. We monitor the performance of our cleaning very closely, and pride ourselves on our excellent customer service record.

Green FM can help your business and organisation in following ways:

Improve Employee Productivity
Lack of cleanliness often stunts productivity. Absences due to sickness among employees are high at workplaces which do not maintain cleanliness. Green FM can help you maintain a clean & tidy workplace where employees can work without any distraction.

Customer Retention with Good First Impression
A clean workplace can make a very good first impression on your potential clients. Green FM can ensure that your workplace is cleaned up to the standard so that you can welcome your customers into a clean and sanitary environment.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint 
Green FM can help your organisation in off-setting Carbon footprints by offering recycling solution to your daily waste. We can also train your employees to recycle office waste and put an effective recycling system in place that will make your organisation a Greener Company.

Green FM is your one-stop shop for all your cleaning requirements. We can supply consumable items like toilet rolls, hand soap, kitchen towel, Dishwasher tablets, bin bags etc. to your organisation. We can also provide Washroom services like Sanitary bins services, Eco-Friendly Air Freshener, Hand Dryers, Seat Sanitizers etc.

Please contact us on through our Urbano Profile: Green Facilities Management

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