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Amazon Cross Channel Marketing

Events attended

  • London Networking Event - Networking Evening in London

    Wednesday Jul 18th 2018

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  • Urbano Networking Evening Farringdon London

    Wednesday Jan 24th 2018

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  • London networking event - Urbano networking evening at Savoy Place

    Wednesday Dec 7th 2016

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  • London networking event - Networking evening at The Clubhouse St James's

    Wednesday Sep 28th 2016

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Urbano Communities

  • UrbanoMedia

    A networking community for those TV, film, animation, advertising, publishing and other media.

  • UrbanoTech

    For those who work across the tech sectors, from digital and apps to hardware and software solutions

About Amazon Cross Channel Marketing

Cross category and channel marketing department at Amazon EU. We create and deliver advertising and marketing content for Amazon businesses in Europe.

Based in London, we look after above, through and below the line content.  This includes advertising, social media content and onsite content.  Our skills include campaign management, design, video and photography, media planning and buying.