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Luke Quilter

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  • Hospitality Networking Evening for London Venues & GDPR Guest Speaker

    Tuesday Nov 14th 2017

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  • London networking event - Networking Lunch & Wine Tasting in Farringdon

    Wednesday Oct 19th 2016

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  • London networking event - Urbano networking evening at the London Capital Club

    Wednesday Aug 17th 2016

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Urbano Crowds

  • Kent Crowd

    For those who live and work in Kent, including those in Maidstone, Ashford, Folkestone, Tunbridge Wells, Dartford, Canterbury and Sevenoaks

About Luke

Sleeping Giant Media came about when I was studying a CIM course back when I worked for Holiday Extras. At the time I was working in the Online advertising section of the business, responsible for quite a lot of digital spend and due to amount of spend I set up a team of 12 ish (it changed a lot) people to manage, optimise and run the online advertising. We also worked with a number of agencies and there was always something not quite right with the agencies. They were great at either technical understanding or customer service, and never both.

As part of my project I had to come up with an idea for a business, so thought… if someone can create an agency that can understand the technical elements applying them in a way that will be effective for the clients and deliver a fantastic customer service at the same time they would probably do well…

After running the idea past my higher ups who looked at me with a confused bewilderment, I realised we had to do it ourselves. That evening we (Ant and I) made the agreement we would start Sleeping Giant Media ourselves. After 9 months of running it in our evenings and weekends we made the leap. I sold my house, moved back to my parents place and Ant and I left full-time employment and headed for the dining room with a laptop, a fist full of determination and a bowl of soup. (That's all we could afford to eat for months…) 6 years later we employ over 30 people and are really proud to have been voted the number 1 agency for customer service in the UK in the Drum Digital Census.

My qualifications include: Art foundation course, Design Management for the Creative Industries (B.A. Hons), Post Graduate Diploma in Strategic Marketing

My notable achievements include: playing hockey for England (many years ago); Travelling around world for 8 months and coming back alive; Starting Sleeping Giant Media; Carrying the Olympic Torch was pretty cool; Running 100k from London to Brighton; Kayaking around the Kent coast (350 miles)

I always try to succeed in anything that I do, and want to bring out the best in others. I hope, and would like to think we are doing some great things at Sleeping Giant Media and want to build this business into something that people are proud to be a part of.

Personal Interests

I love technology, nothing makes me happier than being able to use my watch to turn off all the lights in my house when I go to bed. I also love sports and have run the London to Brighton 100k marathon, climbed the tree peaks multiple times and continue to participate in sport charity events with our charity section at SGM.

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