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Richard Senger

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Richard Senger

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  • London networking event - Urbano People networking breakfast event with Daniel Barnett

    Thursday Feb 27th 2014

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About Richard

VTSL is a provider of hosted IP communications services to SMEs in the UK.

Personal Interests

VTSL Ltd is a leading provider of hosted IP communications services to small and medium businesses in the UK. 

VTSL's services include hosted IP telephony, desktop telephones, call management and logging, conferencing, remote working, unified messaging, integrated mobile devices and call recording. VTSL also offers a variety of high-speed data and voice connectivity options. 

VTSL was founded on the belief that business telephony shouldn't have to require expensive hardware, cabling and complex technology. With no existing provider offering an adequate solution at an affordable price, VTSL developed its own VoIP service and proprietary applications. 

With VTSL, there is no need to buy or lease expensive on-site equipment. Businesses are able to pay via a simple monthly user cost, add users and services easily and open up other sites seamlessly. Clients also benefit from high levels of resiliency and unmatched disaster recovery solutions due to VTSL’s status as a carrier and two Tier-1 data centres.

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VTSL provides hosted telephony solutions designed around the needs of SMEs.