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Lance Wilson


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Lance Wilson

Events attending

  • London Networking Event - Networking Evening in Mayfair

    Wednesday Mar 27th 2019

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Evening in Covent Garden

    Wednesday May 29th 2019

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Events attended

  • Urbano Build Online Event Group

    Wednesday Oct 10th 2018

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About Lance

Founder of Tangible Contractors, Lance Wilson, grew up surrounded by the different aspects of the construction industry, with family members holding senior roles in the building industry. As a result, from a young age he absorbed sector knowledge from being onsite, reading specifications, and liaising with clients and architects. His start in life and entrepreneurial spirit meant it was inevitable that he would launch his own building contracting company, starting the process while he was still studying at university.

Wilson, CEO of Tangible Contractors, said, “Renovation projects big and small can be a huge amount of work and pile on the stress. After working in the sector all my life and gaining an insight into how large organisations are managed and lead through studying, I knew that I could provide a superior service that supports professionals in reaching their aims. Building the business from nothing has presented challenges but through providing a level of care that our customers have come to expect we’ve steadily built up a reputation and won projects, going from strength to strength.

Personal Interests

Meeting new architects and interior designers to work with upon their up coming projects, socialising, workting with enthusiastic individuals and teams, biking, clay pigeon shooting.  Member of National Trust and Woodland Trust.

Lance is a representative of Tangible Contractors (TI UK) Ltd:

Tangible Contractors (TI UK) Ltd
Tangible Contractors (TI UK) Ltd

Tangible Contractors aims to make renovation and extension projects hassle free and it’s a service that’s being eagerly snapped up.