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Robert Hopkins

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Robert Hopkins

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  • Urbano networking event - Architecture & 2021: The Year Ahead for Architects

    Thursday Jan 14th 2021

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About Robert

Robert is a Regional Director at AHR and has over twenty years’ experience in the design of award winning buildings. Robert applies knowledge and experience across multiple sectors, as well as pioneering research, to advance his designs into new areas that can provide exceptional benefits to clients, end users and truly progress the way in which buildings and spaces can heighten our day-to-day lives.

He has extensive experience in the education sector, working across all levels of projects, from schools to Higher Education, refurbishment works to multi-project programmes, with a specific focus on innovative thinking. Robert has led on the design and delivery of several large and complex education projects ranging from £5-£150m within the UK, and also internationally, where he has designed and implemented schools to suit the British, American and International Baccalaureate curriculums.

Robert is particularly passionate about health and wellbeing in design and the optimisation of buildings and spaces to enhance the wellness of its occupants. Robert led on the design of the new £35m northern headquarters for the Royal College of Physicians, The Spine, which incorporates biophilic design features to create an inspirational workspace, with wellness in mind and body at the heart of the project.

Robert is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and passionate about his role within the built environment. Robert regularly speaks publicly on the application of biophilia in health and wellbeing design and how we can advance this moving forward. Robert also lectures at universities, is a RIBA Part III examiner and acts as a mentor for university students through the Stephen William mentorship programme.

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