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Lianne Lambert

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Lianne Lambert

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  • London Networking Event - Urbano UWACTE & Women in Business Networking Lunch

    Wednesday Oct 31st 2018

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  • London Networking Event - Urbano Networking Evening in Farringdon

    Wednesday Sep 26th 2018

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Evening in The City of London

    Wednesday Oct 18th 2017

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Evening in Shoreditch

    Wednesday Sep 20th 2017

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About Lianne

I am an experienced, commercially focused HR professional and business coach.  I have worked across a variety of sectors in organisations ranging from start-up companies all the way through to large multinationals.  This breadth of experience means that I understand the differing needs of large and small organisations and have the ability to design solutions and advice that work for all. 

I started my career at Deloitte and since then I've held a number of key roles within both large and small organisations before starting Lighter HR Solutions 7 years ago.

I have the experience to operate at the most senior level within organisations and I'm often the person our clients turn to when they want a different perspective or just to talk things through.  It's lonely at the top and I find that business owners often just want an outside perspective or confirmation that they are right in their thinking and it's often not even about something that's HR related!

Whilst Lighter HR offers the full range of HR services and I'm able to do it all, I specialise in helping businesses whose growth and success depends on getting more from the employees be that owners, managers or team members. 

My key skills and areas of expertise are:

1)    Clarifying and challenging the assumptions and ideas of businesses owners.

2)    Designing and implementing practical solutions to support business growth.

3)    Managing change programmes.

4)    Coaching business owners, senior managers and managers to help them improve the performance of the business.

5)     Helping Boards work more effectively together be that when there is actual conflict or where there's just a sense that people aren't really using their strengths to the full potential.

I do know my stuff when it comes to employment law too so will help clients with the more complex disciplinary, grievance and redundancy situations they face.

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