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  • London Networking Event - Open Championship Networking Lunch

    Wednesday Jun 6th 2018

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  • Urbano Networking Breakfast Churchill War Rooms

    Thursday May 10th 2018

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Lunch in Tower Bridge London

    Thursday Feb 15th 2018

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  • London networking event - Networking lunch St James Westminster London

    Wednesday Jan 31st 2018

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  • London Networking Event - Networking lunch in The City of London

    Wednesday Jan 10th 2018

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    Shaping the future of work & the workplace - from leadership, recruitment and HRTech to employment, diversity and wellbeing

  • UrbanoMedia

    A networking community for those TV, film, animation, advertising, publishing and other media.

  • UrbanoBuild

    Networking community for those architecture, BIM, construction, design, engineering, property, & related sectors

  • UrbanoBusiness

    Business strategy and vision - hear and meet successful entrepreneurs and business leaders

About Interactifs

Interactifs UK, run by Alan Palmer and Sarah Hanson, trains business people at any level, in any function, to communicate more effectively with others. We help them to obtain more concrete results more quickly and with a more positive impact on relationships. 

Our proprietary approach - the Interactifs Discipline® - was developed by a group of management and communications professionals and is based on an original programme of observational research into the impact of different verbal behaviours. 

The start-point was a simple question: “What is happening when people are admired by others as effective communicators?” The end-result was the identification of a certain number of constants of behaviour which allow people to interact with others in a way which produces esteem and trust as well as concrete (and rapid) results. Quite simply, Interactifs has applied the rigours of quality engineering to human interactions, with the same emphasis on getting more from less, reduced wastage and continuous improvement.

Interactifs works with top management, with salesforces and front offices – and at every level in between - in blue-chip companies and SMEs around the world.  Our focus is the meetings and conversations - both internal and external, with prospects, clients or colleagues - which in any business are the essential vehicle for getting things done and for developing high quality, long-lasting relationships.

We equip people with verbal tools and principles which liberate meetings (and relationships) from the polluting influence of the unsaid, the implicit, of hints, allusions and invitations to read between the lines.  The results are interactions - and a working environment - which are characterised by greater productivity, more respect, more courage, more pleasure and enjoyment - and less stress.

Interactifs' approach is the subject of a best-selling book, “Talk Lean: Shorter meetings. Quicker results. Better relations.” written by Alan Palmer, which was short-listed for the “Management Book of the Year” award. Order a copy here: Talk Lean - Shorter Meetings. Quicker Results. Better Relations

Interactifs UK offers training for companies and individuals, via in-house or open programmes. We also run regular ‘taster’ workshops.

Our first event in 2018 is on January 25th. We will look at ‘How to deliver difficult news effectively’ and uncover a structure for announcing bad or difficult news in a way which will give you the best chance of maintaining the relationship and of building for the future.

For more details about Interactifs Uk and events, please click here: