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  • London Networking Event - Festive Networking Evening Bankside

    Tuesday Dec 18th 2018

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Events attended

  • London Networking Event - Networking Lunch in Soho

    Wednesday Nov 14th 2018

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  • London Networking Event - Urbano UWACTE & Women in Business Networking Lunch

    Wednesday Oct 31st 2018

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  • London networking event - Networking Lunch in City Of London

    Wednesday Oct 17th 2018

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Lunch in Marylebone

    Wednesday May 2nd 2018

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  • Urbano Networking Evening St James's Westminster London

    Wednesday Feb 28th 2018

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Urbano Communities

  • UrbanoBuild

    Networking community for those architecture, BIM, construction, design, engineering, property, & related sectors

  • UrbanoBusiness

    Business strategy and vision - hear and meet successful entrepreneurs and business leaders

  • UrbanoFinance

    Business, corporate and personal finance - connecting those who seek it to investors and advisors

  • UrbanoMedia

    A networking community for those TV, film, animation, advertising, publishing and other media.

  • UrbanoTech

    For those who work across the tech sectors, from digital and apps to hardware and software solutions

About Breakthrough Group

The Breakthrough Group is a social impact business putting ‘profit for purpose’ at the centre of our thinking. In 2016 we put 41% of our profits back into social impact activities and in 2017 it was 52%.

The profitable side of our business is in R&D tax relief. Since we started trading in April 2015 we’ve been helping small companies grow into great big ones by accessing this government incentive. 

We’ve secured £40 million in cash or tax relief for our clients as of 31 December 2017, helping those business owners make their ambitions come true and creating 150 new jobs in the process.

So just to put this into perspective: One of our clients is a software developer who built some new back end coded developments. Their refund enabled them to employ an extra member of staff (and pay their salary for a year) which has enabled them to begin their next project. 

Meet Lucy Ellis, our Associate Director, at her first Urbano event at the business breakfast at the Devonshire Club in the City of London on October 17th.

For all enquiries about Breakthrough Group's services, including R&D tax relief, please contact us through our Urbano profile: Breakthrough Group