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Sam Samuel


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Sam Samuel

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  • London Networking Event - Media & Creatives April Networking Evening in Soho

    Thursday Apr 26th 2018

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About Sam

The Pulse LDN is a recently founded marketing agency. Having worked in hospitality for over 20 years covering operations and marketing, I decided to set up on my own. My speciality is all aspects of marketing for food, drink and venues. From content creation to social media, from photography to blogger events, from partnerships to collaborations - my agency provides the resource needed to deliver results for your brand.

Personal Interests

Marketing, photography, networking, entrepeneurship, travel, branding, political atmosphere around women in business. 

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The Pulse LDN
The Pulse LDN

The Pulse is a marketing, social media, content creation and photography agency for the independent bar, restaurant, food and drink sector