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Buwani Kilpatrick

Senior Sustainability Consultant

GreenBuild Consult

Buwani Kilpatrick

Events attended

  • London networking event - Urbano Build event on Net Zero Carbon in construction

    Wednesday Sep 18th 2019

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  • London Networking Event - Urbano Women in Business Networking Lunch

    Wednesday Jun 19th 2019

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  • Tendering Workshop

    Tuesday Mar 26th 2019

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  • London Networking Event - Women in Business & UWACTE Networking Breakfast

    Thursday Mar 7th 2019

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  • London Networking Event - Festive Networking Evening Bankside

    Tuesday Dec 18th 2018

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About Buwani

Buwani is a sustainability consultant with a background in architecture and a passion for environmental design. Having gained experience within architecture and the environmental consultancy sector, she is uniquely positioned to understand the nuances of energy efficiency within the context of building design throughout all of the RIBA stages.  

She is an Associate Member of the Energy Institute and her expertise in planning support and sustainable design consultancy ranges from new build to refurbishment projects within the commercial, educational, hospitality and residential sectors. She is also an Accredited Thermal Bridge Assessor, experienced in offering design support for construction details. 

?After studying architecture (Part 1 & 2) at the University of Dundee, she obtained a MSc  Environmental Design of Buildings at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University.

Personal Interests

Countryside hiking 


Listening to a myriad of podcasts

Yoga and meditation

Dancing and music

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