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Events attended

  • London Networking Event - Urbano Media & Creatives Evening in Mayfair

    Tuesday Apr 30th 2019

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Lunch in The City

    Wednesday Feb 6th 2019

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Lunch in Covent Garden

    Wednesday Jan 9th 2019

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  • London Networking Event - Networking breakfast event in the City of London

    Thursday Oct 25th 2018

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  • London networking event - Networking Lunch in City Of London

    Wednesday Oct 17th 2018

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Urbano Communities

  • UrbanoBuild

    Networking community for those in architecture, construction, design, engineering, property, proptech, etc

  • UrbanoTech

    For those who work across the tech sectors, from digital and apps to hardware and software solutions

  • UrbanoUWACTE

    Urbano Women in Architecture, Construction, Technology, Engineering & STEM

About Pixie Labs

Pixie Labs is a technology consultancy that works with organisations to create tailor-made digital solutions that help them achieve their goals. We offer an end-to-end innovation and digital product development service, from testing a concept to a loved product in the hands of users.

We value transparency, collaboration and continuous learning, and believe that the greater the diversity of skills, backgrounds and personalities in the room, the more likely you'll come up with the best solution. People are at the heart of what we do.

Our clients are results driven, flexible and willing to learn along the way, and always keep pushing forward. We're a trusted partner that helps to navigate the digital landscape and drive innovation while keeping up momentum.

We've worked across an extensive industry range, from publishing to retail and hospitality, always with one goal in mind: improve the experience for those using the products we've helped build.

Along the way, we've been lucky enough to partner with some exceptional organisations that share the mission of serving their customers better. Our client list includes Twitter, HomeServe, News UK, The Times, Butcher's Pet Care, Tussell, Taylor St, Code 8, Qiark and The Globe Theatre.

We run a number of initiatives that invest time back into our industry and community. These range from supporting open source projects to free mentoring to those who wish to learn how to develop software, whether they are an experienced developer or new to software development.