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Emma Parker



Emma Parker

Events attended

  • Urbano Female Founders & Owners Networking Lunch

    Friday Nov 26th 2021

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  • Urbano Members Networking Round Table - August 2021

    Wednesday Aug 4th 2021

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  • Urbano Network Members Networking Round Table - May 2021

    Wednesday May 5th 2021

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  • Host Community Networking Round Table - Roadmap to venue openings

    Wednesday Apr 21st 2021

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  • Urbano Network Members Networking Coffee Morning - January 2021

    Wednesday Jan 6th 2021

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About Emma

I created walking tour company, Coutours to provide a unique and personal tours for everyone. Also owner of Madam Geneva & Gent.

Personal Interests



Walking with gin

Gin while walking

Walking before sitting down with a delicious gin

Gin before a good walk 

Talking and walking (with a gin in hand)

And a good holiday (gin optional) 

Dancing (no gin as I spill it)

Cooking (preprandials welcome)

Emma is a representative of Coutours:


Coutours - Creator of fun and fabulous tours of London