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Maria Usai

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Maria Usai

Maria Usai

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Casa Fortunata means “the fortunate house” in Italian. I choose this name for my brand as I feel fortunate to be able to share my gifts and my passion in what I do.

My name is Maria Usai and I’m a Swedish holistic practitioner. I specialise in Yoga and holistic practices for emotional and physical healing, and stress management.

I offer my services in the comfort of your own home or at your work space. We will use yoga, healing and sound to release held emotional and physical blockages, calming and soothing your mind and body.

I work with traditional styles of yoga alongside Sound Baths and Reiki Healing to invite transformation and healing to every aspect of your life. Teaching you how to re-connect and listen to you body.

Our bodies are always sending us the messages we need. Unfortunately this ability to listen can been hindered by a life filled with stress and anxiety; work stress, a physical injury not given the care and TLC needed to fully heal, or emotional disappointments (separations, grief, low self esteem etc).

When we consistently suppress our intuitive knowing, looking instead for authority, validation and approval from others, we give our personal power away. I will guide you to rebuild that intuitiveness, while healing on the deepest level, physically or emotionally.

Together we will work to restore and maintain the balance within heart & head.

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Maria Usai
Maria Usai

Casa Fortunata - Yoga & holistic practices for emotional and physical healing, and to manage stress.