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Nigel Miller

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  • London Networking Event - Urbano Media & Creatives Evening in Mayfair

    Tuesday Apr 30th 2019

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  • London Networking Event - Networking breakfast event & tour Cabinet War Rooms

    Wednesday Apr 10th 2019

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About Nigel

Managing Director of Cordless Consultants

Since 2005, I have led Cordless Consultants as MD to deliver independent consultancy on IT and AV innovation and Smart Building technology for projects aligned to workplace change, technology refresh, construction and relocation.

My career in IT has spanned 30 years, having previously held senior positions in Hurleypalmerflatt, HP, Unisys and Digital.

My path to the workplace technology world started in Systems Engineering; moving into Network and Data Centre Design; Technical Sales and Partnership Management. This journey saw me become a founding member of Digital’s Data Centre, Network Design and Project Management division; followed by a move into large-scale infrastructure management through the establishment and growth of the IT Consultancy Division at HPF.

I am passionate about technology innovation in the workplace and I regularly commentate, write and present on technology developments, with articles published across a range of trade and national journals.

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Cordless Consultants
Cordless Consultants

Cordless Consultants. We deliver IT and AV technology consultancy, aligned to workplace change, tech refresh, construction and relocation