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  • Urbano Build Speaker event - Biophilia, Architecture, and the Built Environment

    Thursday May 27th 2021

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  • Urbano Work + Workplace Networking Round Table This Wednesday

    Wednesday Mar 17th 2021

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  • Urbano Build & UWACTE Members Networking Round Table

    Wednesday Feb 17th 2021

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  • Urbano Create & Tech Members Networking Round Table

    Wednesday Jan 27th 2021

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  • Urbano Build/UWACTE January Speaker Networking Event with the NYCHA

    Wednesday Jan 20th 2021

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  • UrbanoBuild

    Networking community for those in architecture, construction, design, engineering, property, proptech, etc

  • UrbanoZeroCarbon

    Zero Carbon Community brings together companies from across all sectors to learn, share and make changes NOW to address climate change.

  • UrbanoBusiness

    Urbano is a connected business community, dedicated to helping our members build sustainable futures.

About Match Lighting Studio

What we do: We help Architects, Developers, Interior Designers and End Users with inspiring, beautiful and technically sound lighting for their projects.  We work with light in innovative and meaningful ways to create spaces that are satisfying and enjoyable to use, beautiful to look at and easy to understand.

Unique Design: We design very different lighting schemes for very different clients, to use in very different ways, as each project is unique and deserves a unique solution. We begin every project with a strategy derived from understanding the clients vision, brief and fundamentals drivers.

Creativity and Technical Expertise: We strive to deliver conceptually inspiring lighting design whilst turning this into technically sound realities that are easy to maintain, work over time and have long lasting benefits for our clients. This allows us to explore the project opportunities and constraints whilst responding with a tailored lighting design.

Collaborative and Responsive: We care about our clients and we care about the project. We offer a friendly, collaborative and responsive service, promoting clear communication with all members of the design and construction teams. We support them throughout the process to achieve the common objective of succesfully completing the project on time and within budget.

Responsible Design, Responsible Designers: We always strive to implement design schemes that are as energy efficient as possible, through a carefully considered lighting specification and by planning the right light aimed at the right surfaces. Lighting is optimised for the available budget without compromise on performance.

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