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Jason Thomas

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arbnco Ltd

Jason Thomas

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  • Urbano Speaker & Networking Breakfast - Workplace Health & Wellbeing

    Thursday Mar 21st 2019

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About Jason

I am the Business Development lead for arbn well.

Through arbn well we can assess and enhance health and wellbeing in buildings. Our technology monitors everyday aspects that negatively affect occupants, whether they be workers, residents, patients or students.

Light, air quality, temperature and humidity all influence productivity, concentration and cognitive function. They are also the major pillars which impact the perception of what comfort is, therefore healthy buildings promote healthy occupants. 

'Buildings don't use energy, people do' (Janda, 2011). The science of health and wellbeing can be extremely difficult to measure and act on. Through arbn well, we bring together continuous and ubiquitous sensing, real time visualisation, alerting and an occupant engagement service that helps provide insight into real-time environment conditions. These results can then be used to propose courses of action to help improve your buildings' performance and occupants' experience.

Jason is a representative of arbnco Ltd:

arbnco Ltd
arbnco Ltd

arbnco is a building modelling & simulation company - leading the way towards a cleaner, greener world through SMART energy data.