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Albert’s at Beaufort House

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Albert’s at Beaufort House

About Albert’s at Beaufort House

Albert's extends over three floors encapsulating an all-day restaurant, three bars, a nightclub, a board room and a private dining room, with a distinctive atmosphere of relaxed English charm by day to become electric at night.

Club Room
An all-day restaurant and lounge with dining tables, sofas, a bar and a fire place.
Capacity: 100 seated / 180 standing

Event Space 2

Private Dining Room / Board Room
An intimate area with a minimalist bar, a long table (dividable into 3 smaller tables), a screen, flipcharts and audio-visual features, available for lunches, dinners, receptions and meetings.
Capacity: 30 seated / 50 standing

Event Space 2

Champagne Bar
The penthouse bar with sofas, smaller tables and a DJ booth available for parties.
Capacity: 50 seated / 120 standin

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