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Alexander Crayton

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Alexander Crayton

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  • Urbano West - Open Networking Round Table - June 2021

    Wednesday Jun 16th 2021

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About Alexander

Alex graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Climate Science from the University of East Anglia in 2014, specializing in tropospheric chemistry, meteorology and past and present greenhouse gas concentrations. Since then I have gained over six years experience in air quality consultancy with a proven record of being precise and efficient whilst carrying out practical and technical duties. Key duties have included:

- Preparation of key documents and Attendance at Public Enquiry as a support witness;
- Planning and executing Air Quality Monitoring schemes, including diffusion tube, dust deposition gauges, indoor air quality and bio aerosols;
- Detailed atmospheric dispersion modelling using ADMS Roads, BREEZE AERMOD and Airviro for highways, mixed use residential and commercial projects;
- Construction Dust Assessments
- Dust Management Plans;
- Indoor Air Quality Plans;
- Preparing reports for Environmental Statements and Environmental Impact Assessments; and
- Mapping using Geographical Information Systems.

Associate Member of Institute of Environmental Sciences and the Institute of Air Quality Management.

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TRC Companies Limited
TRC Companies Limited

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