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  • London networking events - Urbano Media Networking Evening in Soho

    Wednesday Feb 12th 2020

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    Urbano is a connected business community, dedicated to helping our members build sustainable futures.

About Work.Life

David and Elliot, started Work.Life because they believe everyone should feel happy in their work lives. They learned the hard way that a greying office cubicle isn’t ideal grounds for productive, engaged or happy working.

Workspace happiness isn’t just about constant laughs with your colleagues (although that never hurts); it’s much more complex than that. There’s no one-size-fits-all, but we’ve done our homework to ensure we create a personal workspace experience designed to increase happiness and engagement, for you, for everyone.

Whether it’s through wellness events and skill sharing workshops, or a welcome injection of artisan coffee right when you need it most, Work.Life creates a space where members can work collaboratively, productively and, most importantly, work happier.

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