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About Hijingo Bingo Club

HIJINGO. Bingo with a pulse.

Hijingo is a game of chance. Hijingo is a game of destiny.
Hijingo is bingo for lovers of the spectacular, lovers of the unpredictable.
Hijingo is a sensational shared social experience where anyone can be the next big winner.

The Welcome Bar
Get friends. Get drinks. Get excited. Get ready… Countdown screens will tell you when to enter the Showtime tunnel to the Hijingo Room

The Hijingo Room
Rapturous hosts will present an adrenaline-fuelled rollercoaster of a bingo show, with 6 chances to win in each session.

Mind-blowing video & motion graphics, stadium grade lighting and a killer soundtrack will have you on the edge of your seat. Is this your moment?! It’s not just bingo - you’ll have plenty of time to socialise, get silly with your mates and order some amazing snacks and cocktails.

The Lucky Box

Experience the show in the exclusive area perfect for 20-30 players.

Hijingo Bingo Club Image