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About RDP Associates

RDP Associates - experts in helping businesses apply for apply for government incentives, grants and R&D tax credits.

At RDP Associates our consultants are dedicated to assisting organisations with obtaining funding for innovation. Our highly qualified experts advise and guide you on how to apply for government incentives and maximise your cash returns. Be it for government grants or R&D tax credits, our consultants effectively and efficiently examine your qualifications for grants and R&D tax credit eligibility.

We are proud that over thirty years, our international firm has helped companies in United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands, and the United States procure over half a billion dollars in government grants and R&D tax credits.

Irrespective of your industry vertical and the growth stage you are in, our three-decade-long experience has enabled us to identify the right government grants for scientific research and the most suitable funding opportunities for you.

Core Services:

R&D Tax Credit

Innovation Grants

Target Sectors:




Medical Devices

Life Science

** RDP Associates are hosting a free webinar on Wednesday December 9th looking at when an R&D tax credit claim can go wrong, examining the recent case involving Hadlee Engineering and covering eligibility, documentation and investigations. To view details and book, please click here: An R&D Tax Credit Claim Goes Wrong! **

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