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Emily Forsythe

Employment and Training Executive


Emily Forsythe

Events attended

  • Urbano Business networking breakfast event

    Thursday Oct 11th 2012

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  • Urbano People networking breakfast event

    Wednesday Feb 29th 2012

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  • Urbano Host Breakfast with NISP London

    Thursday Feb 2nd 2012

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Urbano Crowds

  • Employment Crowd

    An Urbano community for those who work or have an interest in employment

About Emily

Crisis knows it can help fill the skills gaps of companies. We will work in partnership with employers to recruit skilled and highly motivated employees for your business whilst providing our clients with the chance they need to get into sustainable and fulfilling employment.

We know our clients perform best in a face to face environment and have worked with companies arranging work placements, training programmes, candidate screening, interviews and assessment days tailored to the needs of our employers, making sure they meet the right candidates.

If you place our candidates, we will keep in touch with you to help address any difficulties at an early stage, making sure our clients stay in work and you don't have to revisit the lengthy recruitment process.

If you want to find out more about offering work experience, training and/or employment opportunities to Crisis clients contact Emily Forsythe, Employment and Training Executive, on 020 7426 8510 or

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