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Paul Weinstein

Creative Strategy Director


Paul Weinstein

Events attended

  • London Networking Event - Networking Lunch in Clerkenwell

    Wednesday Nov 1st 2017

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  • London Networking Event - Finance Networking Lunch in The City

    Wednesday Aug 2nd 2017

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Lunch in Shoreditch

    Wednesday Jul 12th 2017

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  • London Networking Event - Networking Lunch in Mayfair

    Wednesday Jun 28th 2017

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  • London networking evening event in Shoreditch

    Wednesday Jun 21st 2017

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About Paul

Working across sectors, Paul is a rare commodity in marketing, a brand architect who

defines, develops and delivers clearly differentiated positionings, powerful

propositions and creative content across all media platforms, to meet business

objectives over the short, medium and longer term.

This equates to a cohesive strategy for all of a brand's marketing communications,

where all media output work in tandem and not at odds with each other. Whatever the

sector, Paul builds standout strategies, which are equally pragmatic in truly reflecting

your business and points of difference, that are so vital in a crowded market and in an

increasingly fragmented media landscape - from Fruit Tea to IT, from Financial

Services to the Professions, from Health to Horticulture, from Automotive to the Arts

and more. 

Clarity, creativity and cohesion are the watchwords by which Paul goes about his 

business and yours, providing the armour for growing brands who want to grow 

some more.

re. Paul Weinstein

My accountancy firm has used Paul’s expertise in marketing for the best part of 8 years having first met him at a small networking event. A good first impression was made with his friendly but professional manner and his work was well showcased through in a brochure the production of which he had project-managed for a client of his.

As a firm of 22 people, we engaged Paul initially to produce a similar brochure.  To do this Paul first undertook an exercise to get under the skin of our firm, through conducting interviews with various long-serving members of staff and partners and thus build up a picture of our firm’s ethos and skillset. The brochures produced originally in 2009 (and then updated in 2013 following an office move) have throughout been a useful tool to present to potential clients of GSM. 

Following his sterling work on the brochure, we commissioned Paul a year later to redesign our website, giving a fresh and engaging look, compared to the template structure we have previously had. With technology moving on apace, the website was moved to a responsive platform in 2015 with Paul again masterminding the presentation and content, and liaising with the technical team to deliver a website that we are proud of.

Alongside the above special projects Paul has over the years been the creative force behind designing several marketing campaigns for print in two of our specialist sectors of Charities and Fashion. He has also ghost-written a number of blogs for us which have been published on our website and more recently on our Linked-in page.

Paul is a valued member of our team who throughout his long association with us has brought creativity, professionalism and the personal touch to our firm’s marketing efforts. I have no hesitation in recommending him to any organisation looking to improve their public profile and communicate their core messages to potential clients in an eye-catching way.

Richard Hill, Partner, GSM

Paul continually brings innovative thinking to the table. He has a truly unique ability to get under the skin of a business and pull out an idea or insight that captures its essence which he turns into a powerful message &/or visual. His client service is second to none and he is able to develop and deliver multi-channel creative content. 

For Aprais, he specifically developed material for us to deploy at high profile events we were asked to speak at, namely Cannes Lions and Eurobest. It went beyond simply developing the mechanic itself (ad, flyer, poster etc..) but resulted in an identity and style which elevated how we would be viewed by a highly discerning audience. The result was a ‘look and feel’ for Aprais which is increasingly gaining recognition and appreciation by our stakeholders and target audience.

And all this has always been delivered on budget and on time. 

I would recommend him highly.

Jeremy Caplin, CEO Aprais Worldwide

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