Networking strategy

As the founder of Urbano Network, Brialto and Business Junction, I have been involved with setting up and running some of the most innovative business networks, with eight years of experience in organising and facilitating networking eventsand developing online communities.

I have helped thousands of individuals and companies connect at around 600 networking events. I have seen how, despite networking being a key part of the marketing mix, most companies send their staff out to events untrained, without any idea of goals beyond 'sales' and too often without a clear idea of whatto do when they are there - and what to do once they leave.

On these pages I will offer insights and advice on common situations and bhaviours I observe at the networking events I organise and the events I attend.

For a more comprehensive and bespoke approaches for you or your company,I run open training workshops where I look at how to make networking work for corporates and small business owbers - there are different approaches - and bespoke workshops for companies where I can help networking become a really valuable part of the marketing mix..

Training is in the fom of a workshop which are interactive and examine the hows of networking, from planning, target setting and expectations to how to handle events and post-event data. These workshops can be adapted to include social and online media, such as Twitter and LinkedIn.

I can help you create your own fantastic networking events and imporve your return on your seminars, launches, conferences and exhibitions - anywhere where your brand is being used to forge connections between people. With my team, we can help you create online communities that get noticed and used, and help you make your customers wiser, fitter, better and richer.

Please email me ( if you would like make your own or your company's networking more effective.

Mark Herring

Some testimonials

“Mark has always been very good at causing productive networking to happen - he has a real ability to know who should be talking to who to sow the seeds of long term business relationships.” Doug Mather, The Creation Company

“Mark provides great networking events and services - always fun with interesting people, and without taking it too seriously. He understands the constant challenges SMEs face and is always trying to introduce parties who can help each other out.”  James Marsh, B3 Creative

"Mark was the founder of a networking group - the first one we ever joined. The results for us have been very good. (His) network is unlike any others I know - friendly, down to earth - great people. Mark is a personable character, who has been very supportive of my business and is very easy going and inclusive and welcoming and a very good host.” Lisa Newton, Boogles Ltd

“Mark is an excellent networker and business facilitator. He has an endless supply of energy and enthusiasm and is highly contagious. A effortless speaker and communicator and a pleasure to engage with." Mandy Swan-Brown, Block Solutions

“I first met Mark 2008... to help grow my marketing and business development consultancy and to meet potential clients and partners. Mark is always quick to introduce appropriate people to me and make suggestions for my business. He is full of creative and innovative ideas and a rare breed of person who is able to translate those ideas into products and services both online and offline.” Kate Newman, Radley Yeldar

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