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Rob Barton



Rob Barton

Events attended

  • Urbano Hospitality Community online coffee morning

    Tuesday Mar 31st 2020

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  • Urbano Christmas Lunch

    Wednesday Dec 11th 2019

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  • London networking event - Urbano Networking lunch on southbank

    Wednesday Sep 4th 2019

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  • Urbano Networking Lunch in Shoreditch

    Wednesday Jul 3rd 2019

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  • London Networking Event - Networking lunch in The City of London

    Wednesday Jan 10th 2018

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About Rob

Dynamic Creative are the award-winning graphic, web, digital, advertising and packaging design company in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

We deliver success. Our clients tell us it’s our personal relationships, creativity and understanding their brand that keeps them coming back. We've built long term relationships with clients of all shapes and sizes for over 19 years now, producing exciting, engaging creativity all from our lovely studio in the heart of Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Design and thinkkng for: exhibitions, branding, packaging, brochures, photography, digital sector, POS, direct Mail, ppt & prezi, branding, websites, emailers, logos, good coffee

Personal Interests

I manage a bit of Film Extra work too...recent films are MIB International, Pennyworth, Red Joan, Star Wars, The Crown, Taboo, Nevers, Mincemeat.

I also act on stage... from Shakepspeare to Croft and Peryy... what little spare time I have, about 2-3 plays per year. Recent plays..Richard III, The Odd Couple, Dad's Army, Merchant of Venice..

Also dabble on a squash court...

Design and creativity is pretty much my occupation and life. From art, design, photography to acting.

Rob is a representative of DYNAM!C CREAT!VE:


Dynamic Creative - Graphic design, web, digital, advertising and packaging design company in Ely, Cambs. 21 years and still smiling.