Urbano Network London Networking Membership

Urbano Network is London's leading business networking community with over 5,000 Members and Associates, building connections for all sizes and sectors of company, with a range of unique tools that help develop valuable connections and facilitate new business.

Urbano is a pan-sector network, connecting all sizes of companies, both within in and across their different sectors. Urbano Network is built on different Communities (Business, Finance, People, Build, Media, Tech & Host), reflected by our events which usually combine two or more of these Communities. Online, in addition to the wider Communities, we have Event Groups, Crowds and Connections, designed to bring together companies and individuals with shared interests.


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On joining, the full power of Urbano only becomes apparent and membership unlocks the full networking and marketing toolkit, allowing you to search the whole database of companies and individuals who have attended one or more Urbano events.

When your membership is processed, you can enjoy the following:

  • New Member Notice sent to all Urbano members and associates, publicising your services to over 5,000 (only available to Annual Company Members)
  • Full contact details of every person at the events which you have attended
  • Ability to Search and Contact all other Members and Associates, by sector, area, or keyword
  • Member rates at all Urbano events
  • Send out invites to your own seminars/workshops to 5,000 businesses (only available to Annual Company Members)
  • Weekly digest of tender opportunity notices(only available to Company Members - annual and monthly).  
    Our latest list: https://www.urbanonetwork.co.uk/tender-opportunities


Membership starts from £25+VAT per month for an Individual, £39 per month for a Company. You can pay for an annual company and individual memberships by BACs, debit and credit cards, or monthly memberships by Direct Debits. 

Individual and Company refer to level of benefits rather than legal status. Refer to the Membership Benefits Comparison table for more details.

Click here for Membership Fees, Application & Benefits Table


Urbano is a lean organisation and by requesting membership, you are confirming you can request a membership on behalf of your company. Benefits start on payment and we ask that invoices are settled within 7 days or before your first event as member whichever is sooner. Annual membership is for a calendar year from date of invoice.

Those unable to process invoices in this time frame, please let us know when you receive the invoice and we will help you continue to book events at non-member rates, subject to our discretion and availability of spaces (excludes free evening events where applicable).
If we are asked to raise a membership invoice and it is not paid, we will deactivate your Urbano profile and no-one from that company can attend or join Urbano in the future.