Urbano Network London Networking Membership

Urbano Network is an independent membership organisation and community, committed to helping micro, small and medium enterprises find new connections and opportunities, alongside improving the way they manage and operate their businesses. Any size and sector of company can apply to join and you join the whole network, not just one of our communities (such as Build).

A note on costs of membership (see below for the table of options, benefits and fees). The average cost for any company to join Urbano is £6.70 per week. The minimum wage in the UK is £8.91 per hour.

Non-member companies can book a maximum of TWO places at any Urbano event (or one person can book two places at two events) at the published rate. If you or your company are booking a third place, you will see a higher charge when you click through booking link. If you continue on to book at that rate, we will contact you with joining options and instructions.

Our members and supporters are the ones who allow us to organise Urbano events. Since we started in 2011, we have always seen events and our other activities as a way of introducing different member companies to each other so they can explore potential new business relationships - or, as we style them, 'catalysts to connections'. You can see who has spoken at Urbano via our Business Community pages.

This is why only our members get access to the data of attendees via our Event Groups. They can also search our directory of members and associates (event attendees) but only get the contact information of those they have met at an event they booked (as if they had exchanged business cards).

But as important as data is, they become part of Urbano, a connected community with an experienced team sitting at the centre of this spider's web, making introductions, sharing information - and other events - and a host of other activities under the umbrella of 'value exchange'.

So, if you would like to be a part of Urbano, engage with event attendees and members, gain access to other benefits like tenders or promoting your own events, please choose your membership status from the list below, then email us.

For more information on the network and our communities, our previous speakers, events, experience and approach, download the Urbano Membership & Supporter Pack

Urbano has a membership option to suit every business, regardless of status, size and budget. For a summary of the differences, please see the table below. 

  • Monthly Individual Membership: £25 + VAT per month (Direct Debit)
  • Monthly Company Membership: £39 + VAT per month (Direct Debit)
  • Annual Company Membership (£395 + VAT) (Direct Debit OR BACs)

FOR ALL DIRECT DEBITS (the quickest and easiest way to join, especially if you want to start requesting tenders, or attend an upcoming event as member, or get the contact details of those you have peviously met at Urbano events), click the link below and set up online. We will receive the DD notice and set up membership the same day and send a receipt. An invoice for the year's membership will be sent once the first payment is received.


Email the office wth your request and we will send over an invoice on request of membership. You can choose to pay via a one-click card payment - includign a credit card - or BACs. Once paid, your membership will be set up that same day.



Membership Notes:

  1. All membership prices shown are excluding VAT.
  2. All monthly direct debit memberships are for a minimum initial 12 month term.
  3. All memberships can also be paid on an annual basis by BACS or card on reciept of invoice. 
  4. For companies linked to franchise operations, memberships are for the named person's franchise company not the franchising organisation
  5. Organisations such as universities and others which work on funded projects and wish Urbano to help on deliverables, contact Urbano to ask about Partnerships.
  6. Annual Members can list their own events on our Member Events Calendar and we will add these links to our weekly events mailers sent to 55,000 subscribers AND be listed on our weekly Opportunities Notice sent to thousands of member representatives and associates as profiles on our website.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse attendance at our events and any membership application, considering each one on its merits.