Urbano Network Membership Application & Fees


  • Monthly Individual Membership: £25 + VAT per month (£30.00)
  • Monthly Team Membership: £30 + VAT per month (£36.00)
  • Monthly Company Membership: £39+VAT per month (£46.80)
  • Annual Company Membership: £395 + VAT annual (£474.00)

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OPTION 1: DIRECT DEBIT - Monthly & Annual Options
Note: All monthly direct payment options are for an initial min 12 month term.

Individual Membership Monthly DD £25 + VAT

Team Membership Monthly DD £30 + VAT

Company Membership Monthly DD £39 + VAT

Company Membership Annual DD £395 + VAT

  • On clicking confirm, an instruction is sent to your bank according to the option chosen.
  • Once we receive confirmation of your mandate, you will receive an email upgrading your membership status.
  • All prices shown here are excluding VAT. The price you see on the Direct Debit setup page will be inclusive of VAT. 


OPTION 2: INVOICE - Annual Payees Only

Contact the office on 020 7205 2215 to request an invoice.

Payment options: BACS or Debit/Credit Card via the office.

  • On reciept of payment, membership status will be upgraded.
  • Amex payment not accepted.



We can also arrange monthly subscription payments using cards (debit or credit) for those who prefer this method (for receipt/expense management etc). Contact Urbano on 020 7205 2215 to set up this facility.



  1. Urbano Memberships run for an initial minimum period of 1 year (i.e. a calendar year from start of subscription).
  2. All monthly direct debit membership payments set up by the individual/company applying for membership is their responsibility and should run for a minimum of 12 months.
  3. Memberships paid by Direct Debit run until such time as they are cancelled by the subscriber or we receive notification of membership cancellation.
  4. Urbano offers the appropriate membership services accorded to each member until we receive written cancellation via email or are notified via our Direct Debit service supplier that the direct debit has been cancelled. Where this happens we will email the key member representative to enquire whether this has been done in error. When we receive confirmation that membership has been cancelled, we will deactivate the account from membership services.
  5. Under normal circumstances if we receive no written confirmation of cancellation, and the membership direct debit continues we will not offer refunds unless an error is proven on our part.
  6. Deactivating your Urbano account via your individual dashboard login settings is not a valid notification of membership cancellation and does not cancel your direct payment.  
  7. All memberships can be paid in full on an annual basis by BACS or card on reciept of invoice. 
  8. For advisors linked to franchise operations, memberships are strictly limited to individual memberships (must be separate membership).

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All prices quoted on this page are ex VAT.


Urbano is a lean organisation and by requesting membership, you are confirming you can request a membership on behalf of your company. Benefits start on payment and we ask that invoices are settled within 7 days or before your first event as member whichever is sooner. Annual membership is for a calendar year from date of invoice.

Those unable to process invoices in this time frame, please let us know when you receive the invoice and we will help you continue to book events at non-member rates, subject to our discretion and availability of spaces (excludes free evening events).
If we are asked to raise a membership invoice and it is not paid, we will deactivate your Urbano profile and no-one from that company can attend or join Urbano in the future.