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Debra Spurway


HR Dept - Central & City of London

Debra  Spurway

Events attended

  • Urbano Female Founders & Owners Networking Lunch

    Friday Nov 26th 2021

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  • Urbano Event with Catherine McGuinness City of London

    Wednesday Oct 13th 2021

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  • Urbano Network Members Networking Evening

    Tuesday Sep 21st 2021

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  • Urbano Business Workshop: Critical Ingredients for Successful Pitches & Proposals

    Thursday Jul 1st 2021

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  • Urbano West - Open Networking Round Table - June 2021

    Wednesday Jun 16th 2021

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About Debra

Debra Spurway - Director at the HR Deptartment.

Debra is a representative of HR Dept - Central & City of London:

HR Dept - Central & City of London
HR Dept - Central & City of London

HR Dept City of London - HR and Employment Law Advice, Complete Recruitment Service.