Urbano Members Networking Round Table

Urbano Members Round Table
Urbano Network online
London, W1N NER5

Urbano Members Round Table
  • Tuesday March 2nd 10:00am
  • Urbano Members Round Table

Since the beginning of lockdowns in AD 2020, Urbano has been hosting regular coffee mornings for its members. Hosted and facilitated by Mark Herring, Urbano's Connector-In-Chief, these monthly events have been a way to continue making new contacts and connections in an informal, relaxed manner.

Perhaps more importantly, they are also a chance to check up on each other's wellbeing and to help those having dips in their resilience due to the lack of social contact. 

As we start to see signs of spring and diaries get busier, we are adding to the format with optional breakout rooms after the introductions which usually take 45 minutes. These will be optional and you can choose to stay in one room or hop around. The rooms will stay open as long as there people around wanting to talk to new people or old friends.

Remember, like every online Urbano event, you can login to the event group at any time through your dashboard and find full profiles of attendees and their companies, including contact details.

When you book an Urbano event, you never know the opportunities that may await you, but if you don't book, you do: none.

Open to anyone who represents an Urbano Member company. If you aren't a member, please click here for details on options, benefits and costs: Urbano Membership