Urbano networking evening at Liverpool Street

Lucky Voice Liverpool Street
1 Devonshire Square
City Of London
London, EC2M 4YP

Lucky Voice Liverpool Street

Urbano Network hosts a variety of events attracting representatives from a range of companies across all sectors and sizes.  All our evening events put an equal emphasis on the networking opportunities revealed through conversations and the social benefit of meeting new people in different spaces.

Our evenings are famously relaxed, enjoyable and lively, with Mark Herring, Urbano's Connector-In-Chief on hand to make introductions and possibly even the occasional funny joke as he orbits the room.

About Lucky Voice
Lucky Voice Liverpool Street's private karaoke rooms are ideal for intimate meetings and their spacious bar areas are perfect for larger networking events, conferences or presentations.  Add to that an extensive amenu of delicious food and crafty cocktails, and you’ve got some of the best corporate events and entertainment spaces in the City Of London. Check out their events brochure.

For our Urbano event, we will enjoy complimentary dishes and drinks, plus a chance to give us your best version of your favourite song. Prize for the best - and worst - versions. Duos, trios and groups encouraged. Holding a tune optional.

Non-members are  welcome to book this event to judge the quality of our events, our members and gauge if we would be a community where your company will find value. Up to three people can book this event from any company.



Due to the nature of our events, bookings once made can be transferred to another representative of the booking company but cannot be cancelled and refunded.

Memberships pay for us to exist and to organise events. All Urbano events - unless stated as member only - are open to non-member companies which can book a maximum of  TWO Urbano events for their team members. Published non-member price is for first-time visitors to Urbano.

* New Joiners Offer: For new Company or Micro-Company Members joining Urbano, you can enjoy TWO FREE PLACES for your representatives at this event.

Urbano Membership is the equivalent of £7.60 per week for Company Members - which includes tenders and unlimited representatives who can book events (unless stated) and £6.70 for Micro Company Members. See details on benefits, fees etc: Membership