Leaders Circle At Urbano - Peer Learning Programme For Entrepreneurs

Furniture Makers' Hall
12 Austin Friars
City of London
London, EC2N 2HE

Furniture Makers' Hall

Leaders Circle @ Urbano (LC@U) launches this autumn and our second anf final Pioneer event takes place next next Friday September 9th in the City of London.

To join, please decide if you are an owner-founder of your business, or owner-partner*, and book the event. Open to Urbano Members & Non-Members. You will then be contacted by John to schedule a pre-session phone call interview with John. 

* This Pioneer group will be pan-sector and for owner-founders. Owner-partners, where there are two who run the company, can also join together. For those who run larger companies, or who are Directors and/or Partners, and would like to explore a group or sessions for them, please email the office.

About Leaders Circle @ Urbano
LC@U will bring together entrepreneurs and business owners in a new model of business learning, mentoring and networking. 

Following a year of discussions between John Grisby of Leaders Circle and Mark Herring of Urbano Network, with taster sessions and detailed feedback from potential participants representing the kind of entrepreneurs for whom we have designed this programme, we are confident Leaders Circle @ Urbano is the first peer advisory group model that allows those who have started and run their own businesses to identify the barriers to their company’s – and their own  - growth and find solutions from the knowledge and experiences of others.

The LC@U format and methodology sets out to create the conditions necessary for sustainable growth through ‘crowd-dynamic’ learning, using a flexible but structured format, experienced facilitator, diverse membership, and the targetted input of industry leaders/business owners.

Whilst business structures have fundamentally changed over the past 10 years - in response to the challenges and opportunities that the internet, social media and new ways of communicating and thinking have presented - the top-down, didactive and dictatorial approach to business learning has remained unchanged. Until now. 

The LC@U model we have created combines the best of the successful US-led model of peer advisory industry sector groups with crowdlearning and group dynamics where YOU and the other members of your CIRCLE dictate the agenda and topics you wish to explore, and which you feel will be most beneficial to your business.

Inside A Leaders Circle @ Urbano
Meeting once a month on a date and time agred by the circle's members, a Leaders Circle session will be a relaxed environment in which its participants learn how to lead and manage a modern company. Mirroring and following a Board /Agenda structure, LC@U Circle members will gain the knowledge and insight to troubleshoot the specific issues they face, identify their barriers to growth together and indentify the direction they should be headin to achieve their ambitions.

LC@U is designed to be the perfect vehicle and programme for small business owners and entrepreneurs, with a chair who facilitates the agenda of each session according to the wishes of the members of the circle, with a spirit of learning, support, enjoyment, humour and hard work. The aim for a circle will be that every member can measure the investment they make and judge it against their business growth, profitability and personal achievement.

Joining the Pioneer Leaders Circle @ Urbano
This is the SECOND FREE SESSION for candidates for the Pioneer Circle. The monthly programme will start in early October. (Precise days and times of the sessions to be decided by Circle members).

About John Grisby

John has over 20 years of experience in human, corporate and entrepreneurship performance in the UK, US, Europe, and beyond.

He trained in the US and Israel at the Adizes Institute / Company Lifecycles and is certified to deliver Company Lifecycle Methodology, Diagnostic and Team Integration. Voted by Inc. Magazine (USA) ‘best in class’ structure and process for Founder/Owner SMEs.

Responsible for design and delivery of leadership, performance, development and growth programmes in companies including Sky, NFU Mutual, National Grid, British Gas, Freshfields, NHS East of England and Lloyds TSB. Advising former UK Entrepreneur of the Year Mark Dixon’s Regus Plc (UK) grow in Europe/South America from midstage start up to IPO, and Co-Founder of Fifty Lessons (UK), a digital education content producer - building startup structure to eventual US expansion and M&A.