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  1. Urbano Members Networking Round Table

    Tuesday March 2nd, 10:00am

    Urbano Members March Networking Round Table: "very funny chat.. a highlight of lockdown!.One of the many benefits from Urbano.. I totally agree!"

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  2. The Future Homes Standard: Changes to Part L and Part F of Building Regulations

    Thursday February 25th, 10:30am

    Urbano Build Speaker Panel Event on the Future HOMES Standard consultation with Geoff Wilkinson.

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  3. Urbano Build & UWACTE Members Networking Round Table

    Wednesday February 17th, 10:30am

    Urbano Network Round Table - For URBANO MEMBERS from the Build & UWACTE Communities. STARTS AT 10.30 AS PER ZOOM LINK.

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  4. New Procurement Regulations for 2021 - Good News For SMEs?

    Thursday February 11th, 10:30am

    Urbano Speaker Panel event looking at new procurement regulations inc Social Value scoring & govt's Green Paper.

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  5. Urbano Network Members Networking Coffee Morning - February 2021

    Tuesday February 2nd, 10:00am

    Urbano Members networking and coffee morning - TUESDAY FEBRUARY 2ND AT 10AM.

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  6. Urbano Create & Tech Members Networking Round Table

    Wednesday January 27th, 10:30am

    Networking Round Table event – for representatives of Urbano Create & Tech Members only.

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