Managing Directors and Business Owners Workshop

Aviator Hampshire
55 Farnborough Road,
Farnborough, GU14 6EL

Aviator Hampshire

About Evoke Management

Evoke Management - we help move your business forward with access to high level business advice on a part-time basis.

About this event

A practical, in person workshop specifically designed for ambitious and hungry CEOs, MDs, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners looking to improve the performance of their business, as well as planning for business growth, exit and succession.

What the workshop will cover?

  • Pinpointing and executing all of your sales growth opportunities
  • Implementing and managing KPIs
  • Optimising team performance
  • Understanding and managing the key financial drivers for your business
  • Improving cash management and profit margins
  • Increasing your business valuation

Who is this for?

  • CEOs, MDs, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that are ambitious and hungry for taking their business to the next level
  • Business leaders who are open to new ideas, information and thinking, looking to enhance their business plans for the 2nd half of 2022 and beyond
  • Businesses that are turning over between £1m and £30m


08:30am: Guest Arrival & Opportunity to Network

09:00am: Start of Workshop

10:00am: Comfort break

10:15am: 2nd half of workshop

11:00am: Close of Workshop

About the Presenter

Rob Boll is a forward-thinking CIMA qualified Management Accountant. He has both founded and taken over existing businesses, as well as invested in a number of start-up companies. Rob’s passion is to help SMEs and entrepreneurs to move their business forward by providing flexible access to excellent strategic advice.

For the last 8 years Rob has worked with a range of SME companies helping them overcome challenges and enhance business performance to take them to the next level. He does this by bringing like minded business owners and founders together through International Leaders UK, where they learn from each other and trusted advisors and experts. Rob also uses experienced part-time directors to support these and other businesses through Evoke Management.

During this workshop Rob will be sharing his top tips and strategies that are proven to work with SMEs to help move forward.

About Evoke Management

"Access to valuable insight and knowledge on a flexible basis"

Evoke was founded to help you move your business forward by adding valuable insight and knowledge on a flexible basis. This is advice larger companies automatically have from access to established boards, advisors and management teams.

Our offering: Evoke Management is an affordable way to gain access to the same level of expertise - when you need it.

Our mission: To help SMEs and entrepreneurs to move their business forward by providing flexible access to excellent strategic advice and analysis.

Wherever you are in the lifecycle of your business and whatever challenges you may face, we have the strategies, knowledge and insight to keep your business moving forward.

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