Summer networking evening

McQueen Shoreditch
55-61 Tabernacle Street
London, EC2A 4AA

McQueen Shoreditch

Join Urbano for our August networking evening at McQueen Shoreditch in the heart of London's creative and bar capital, Shoreditch, where business people across all sectors will enjoy drinks and relaxed networking at this award-winning bar and club.

Urbano holds a monthly evening networking event which are famously relaxed and informal events, with facilitated networking and a unique online Event Group for post-event networking. Everyone is also given an attendee sheet with the details of every company and their representatives.

For this event, Fabio and his brilliant kitchen are supplying mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef, mini fish cakes and zucchini fritters and a couple of complimentary wines and beers for each attendee.

This event is free for members! See below for details!

No-one talks business, at least not in that direct 'Hi, I'm Brad! Here is my brochure!' way, so everyone gets to meet each other in a friendly, unhurried and informal way. Urbano's Chief Networking Officer, Mark Herring helps you find interesting contacts within the roomful of business owners, directors, partners, senior managers and entrepreneurs.

The conversations are always unpushy and the emphasis is on making connections with everyone, and like all Urbano events the evening is seen as a catalyst to future business opportunities, collaborations, associations and potential new contracts! For photos of previous events, click here: Urbano Network photos.

Urbano's evening networking events are free for members. Or you can book and pay as a non-member. Non-member companies are always welcome at Urbano events.

See the link below for membership terms and details on how to join Urbano in time to attend this event free.

"Urbano evening events are the best nights of networking I have ever had. I have been to hundreds of events but the mix of people and connections I make are always brilliant for me and my business. Truly the most fun and productive nights EVER. And you can quote me on that.” 
Maverick Litchfield Kelly, Neath Films (

Join Urbano and your company can attend this and all our monthly evening events free! If you join before August 31st, you can enjoy an event of your choice in September or October free PLUS get your profile added to THREE Event Groups of previous Urbano events.

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* Non-member prices quoted on the Urbano website are the discounted rate for a company's first two visits. You can continue to attend events but the prices rise and the price quoted on the payment page (usually £28 - £45) is the price relevant to you.

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Each Urbano event has a unique online Event Group where every attendee and their company is profiled, accessed through your own Urbano Dashboard. Members get access to full contact details of every attendee. All attendees can access the profiles of people you meet at this event through the Event Group published after the event.