Urbano Engage Speaker Panel event on doing business for good

Urbano EQ
Urbano Online
London, EC3R 6DL

Urbano EQ
  • Thursday April 29th 10:30am
  • Urbano EQ

In 2021, Urbano network celebrates 10 years as a business community, focused on connecting our member companies – particularly SMEs – to information, opportunities, ideas and each other.

Urbano has championed green and sustainable business practices since 2002 in Shoreditch where we created our first networking community. To achieve the targets in the Paris Agreement will involve more collaboration, more engagement, and a different way of measuring profitability. 

Urbano has highlighted and supported environmental awareness in business since 2002 and support organisations like the Good Law project.

We will also be looking to undertake an audit to become a UK member of B Corps, the global body for-profit businesses to demonstrate their commitment to having a positive impact on society and their environment.

THis event will look at the the steps that for-profit companies need to take to become a member of B Corps UK with Urbano Supporters, EQ Investors.

Videos and podcasts of our previous events can be downloaded here: https://www.urbanonetwork.co.uk/communities/podcasts

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