Urbano Business Workshop: Critical Ingredients for Successful Pitches & Proposals

Urbano Engage - Business
Urbano Speaker / Panel Event
London, W1N NER5

Urbano Engage - Business

Urbano hosts a calendar of different events designed primarily to bring together those representing companies from our different business Communities: Build, Media, Finance, People, Host, Tech, and UWACTE (Urbano Women In Architecture, Construction, Technology and Engineering).

This online Urbano workshop - Critical Ingredients For Successful Proposals & Pitches - is  a must-book for those whose individual roles or companies rely on engaging new clients and generating new business through pitches and proposals.

David Pritchard, Managing Director of Sandler Training, London East kicks off the event, after introductions, by leadingus lead us through the critical steps to winning work through pitching and proposal writing.

Mark Herring will then introduce others representing a range of companies and sectors, who will share their own experiences and tips on what key approaches help them win new work. Together, we hope all our participants will leave with plenty of ways to help our chances of future success.

To watch or listen to previous Urbano speaker events, including changes to tendering for public work, please click here: Urbano event videos and podcasts. 

Our online, interactive workshop this Thursday is presented by David Pritchard, Managing Director of Sandler Training - London East who will lead us through the critical steps that companies need to take to win work. David will examine five methodologies that should help both the when and the how of winning new business when writing proposals and/or pitching to prospective clients.

Together, our audience will leave with plenty of way to improve their chances of finding new business alongside new contacts and connections. Essential for all kinds of creative, media, design and technical companies and business development/BDs, marketing and sales teams, and small business owners  looking to convert the relationships you have developed over lockdown into tangible new business!

* Please note, the usual restrictions on attendance by representatives of non-member companies do not apply to those booking this event or to currently lapsed previous members of our community.