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Urbano Engage

In recent weeks, you can't venture online or onto LinkedIn without reading about Microsoft's investment in Open AI's Chat GPT and how it can write your articles, pitches, marketing submissions and even song lyrics in the style of Nick Cave. Google responded by launching Bard which instantly knocked billions of its share price.

Speaking to members, most are aware of these tools, but haven't downloaded them to check out their potential, whilst some are already using them to generate copy for websites and posts on LinkedIn.

Urbano is hosting this free, interactive, and online event on Friday March 24th which will examine the implications of AI powered chatbots for everyone across the professional sectors, from finance to architecture, web design to lawyers, and how AI chat bots can be used productively, but also what the potential challenges in liability and law potentially lie ahead.

Mark will faciliate a lively discussion on the various tools already available and how they are being used by different companies across our community. Our featured guest will be Ed Marsh who has known Mark almost as long as he has known about AI.

Ed has been crafting software, electronics and apps for his wide-ranging list of client for 30 years. Ed started working on projects worked in the medical and financial sectors, and for the past 15 years has specialised petrochemicals, military work, and specialist RF solutions.

Recent projects include the design and implementation of hardware and software solutions to analyse the deterioration of impeller blades. This work has also opened doors for Ed in the vital world of green energy.

Ed has worked with Apple, O2, Sony Ericsson and MBDA Missile Systems, showing Ed is equally happy dangling 300ft up a missile silo as he is behind a keyboard. Don't bother looking up Ed on LinkedIn or via website. All his work is through introductions.

This event event will be held on Zoom. Book via the link on this page and we will send you the link 48 hours before the event.

Free and exclusive for those working for Urbano Member companies.

** And for those who don't think they will be affected, Microsoft announced overnight that it is adding Chat GPT functionality to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & Teams: